The Learning Management System (LMS) serves as the repository for all formal learning throughout Cook County Health.
The LMS is your 24 x 7 gateway to learning resources for annual education, skill enhancement, professional development, performance support and more. Simply log into the LMS and start exploring the learning support resources that are available to you.
Courses are consistently being added to support our workforce.

Login for CCH Email Holders

If you have a Cook County email address and are on the CCH network, access the site by using the "Click Here for CCH Single Sign On". If you have a Cook County email address, are an employee and not on the network type in your user name and password just as you would to login to your workstation. Your password is case sensitive.

Login for Non-CCH Email Holders

If you DO NOT have a Cook County email address, access the site by typing in your 4 digit badge number found on the front of your badge. If you require assistance accessing the system, please email